"कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्य्यम्" Make the world noble!

About Arya Samaj

Arya Samaj is a spiritual way of living with a universal message of peace and happiness. Its ethos is captured in its ten guiding principles based on Vedic teachings that point to a better living. Arya Samaj is a global phenomenon that attracts the young and old alike, sometimes from other religions, for its simple, logical and contemporary thinking on God, spirituality and values of life. It finds resonance with educated, middle-class professionals as it revolts against the horrors of organised religion. Arya Samaj promotes true Indian culture and national spirit; instilling feelings of pride and patriotism for country.

The goal of the Arya Samaj has always been, “Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam – Make This World Noble “

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Ji (Founder)

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji, originally called Mul Shankar, was born in Gujarat in 1824. He believed in monotheism and discouraged idol worship, social inequalities, child marriage and encouraged women’s education and widow remarriage.

Swami Dayanand Ji established the Arya Samaj on April 7, 1875 in Bombay, with 10 principles that are beautifully based purely on God, soul and nature. The organisation brought about immense changes in the religious perceptions of Indians. By establishing this community, he enshrined the idea that "all actions should be performed with the prime objective of benefiting mankind", as opposed to following dogmatic rituals of revering idols and symbols.

Dayanand Saraswati's main message was for the Hindus to go back to the roots of their religion, which are the Vedas. By doing this, he felt that Hindus would be able to improve the depressive religious, social, political, and economic conditions prevailing in the country at the time.

His logical, scientific and critical analysis of faiths like Christianity and Islam as well as Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, opened the eyes of many. He voiced his opinions against idolatry and the pointless emphasis on empty ritualism, and stood against manmade dictates such as caste by birth and women-exclusion from reading Vedas.

About Arya Samaj Vadodara

Arya Samaj Vadodara is a part of the worldwide organization having more than 8000 branches all over the world and is relentlessly active in social, educational, cultural and spiritual, fields.

Apart from the main mission of Arya samaj "कृण्वन्तोविश्वमार्य्यम्" " By empowering the human with knowledge of Vedas to make this world Nobel" Arya samaj Vadodara also actively taking part even we can say taking lead role for well being of society by initiating programs like donating item to needful children, tricycle distribution to tribal villagers,health camps in territory of Vadodara,shudhikaran of peoples who wants to rejoin the sanatan vedic dharma, organising dharma Sabha etc..,though we are managing all the financial needs by the grace of supreme power"ishwar",but for betterment of the society this activities need to be done in large quantity for that the need of resources like finance,manpower,other instrumental item for the cause always needed,so it's humble request and as also quoted in "Vedas"

शतहस्त समाहर सहस्रहस्त संकिर।-अथर्ववे.३।२४।५ (हजार हाथों से कमा और सैकड़ों हाथों से दान कर) " That please open up your wealth by donating us for this Nobel cause,you may further contact us for account details and if you want to create any facility like vehicle, printing & publication devices, extension of existing building, sponsoring our Arya Pracharak , Acharya ,Pandits etc.or even if you want to provide any services, you are most welcome and we are highly appreciate your contribution.

We have facility of Purohits to perform all 16 vaidik sanskar including VIVAH SANSKAR.